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Product Type: Handmade Bag for shoulder
Made in: Pakistan
Culture Origin: Sindhi / Multani embroidery art Pakistan
Days in making: 1 Week
Made by: Folkmarket Local Household Women
Colors: pink, red, reddish-orange, yellow, orangy yellow, green, blue
Gems or Beads usage: Synthetic Beads

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Sindi or Indus Valley culture is the oldest culture not only in Pakistan but also in the world. Sindh is a province of Pakistan that has been influencing by the Indus Valley. The famous river Indus passes from Sindh that is why Sindh culture is also called Indus Valley culture. Sindhi ladies’ embroidery is popular for bright and colourful. They select bright colours for making bags, clothing, and so on. This bag is also designed by selecting beautiful sparkling colours in combination with mirror work and yarns. Bags are made by highly skilled ladies in perfect design.


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