Handmade Shoulder Bag with Traditional Sindhi


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Sindhi people present these incredibly amazing handmade bags for the gorgeous ladies. Sindhi women are greatly attracted towards these brightly colorful bags and just with one admirable look, they buy it for carrying important items. The sparkling catchiness of these beautifully created bags doubles ten folds when they fit perfectly with the ladies dressing. Glaringly, these traditional bags are made by highly skilled and fascinatingly creative people who are designers of this glorious invention. One will be amazed to realize the fact that these designers are none other but those who belong to poor families and are rural people in general. Admirably, one bag demands for utter attentiveness and focus and also, eye catching bright colors and the raw material being Sindh itself arousing unbreakable attention. The satisfying cloth used to make Ajrak and also the lovely classy mirrors are already embedded in it giving additional profit to these pleasantly enchanting bags.


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