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Know your table’s size and shape. There are four basic tablecloth shapes: oblong, oval, round and square. There are also various sizes of these shapes to fit each table accordingly.
Measure your table from end to end in both inches and centimeters as some tablecloth vendors display only one measurement on the packaging. It’s important to know the size of your table; the technical terminology of “big enough for six people” doesn’t always fly.
Set a budget. The amount you are willing to spend will influence the type of tablecloth you will buy. A higher budget will allow you to purchase an elegant, durable linen tablecloth that looks great for a formal lunch or dinner. A medium-budget tablecloth will usually be more usable, and may come in polyester, which allows for easy cleaning and washing while possibly retaining the look of a pure linen. A low-budget or everyday-use tablecloth such as vinyl, or printed or plain damask is good if you don’t want the kids to ruin your glass table.
Allow for table skirting. The industry standard is to add 8-10 inches from either end. Nice corner skirtings often add elegance to your existing décor
Invest in a vinyl plastic tablecloth to cover your more expensive tablecloths when you’re not entertaining.

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